In-Home Concerts

Joe performing at an in-home concert in Seattle

That’s right, have Joe play IN YOUR HOME! A private concert for you and/or your friends! Hear the stories behind the music first hand… hear your favorite tunes played on YOUR piano! This is easier than you think. You just need to have a nice sized room & some chairs. Joe’s fee is quite reasonable & you can easily off-set this cost by “passing the hat.” A nice piano in your home is ideal, but, Joe’s “state of the art” digital piano and compact sound system sound amazing (watch video below) and are available for homes without acoustic pianos. This piano utilizes sampling technology to reproduce an acoustic grand piano with stunning realism… next best to the real thing!

If you are interested in hosting a Joe Bongiorno concert in your home or helping arrange a concert in your area, maybe at a local church, school, or piano store, don’t hesitate… drop him your idea HERE.


*Have Joe perform a private concert for you in Joe’s hometown Sedona
Sit right up next to the piano while Joe plays your favorites for at least 90 minutes. includes an additional 30 minutes meet/greet. Just $375 for a private evening with Joe! Contact Joe HERE to open a discussion.