“Somewhere Within” is easily the best new age solo piano recording to be released this year, and the quality rivals releases by such noted pianists as David Lanz and George Winston. Upon listening it is obvious that Joe plays straight from the heart, and his technique is absolutely stunning! In his capable hands the music never becomes tedious, as he utilizes the full range and nuances of the instrument to paint a beautiful picture with an engaging sound. Plus the songwriting skills of Joe Bongiorno match the quality of his musicianship, and all of the tracks on this album are extremely well written.

So from the beautiful opening track “Walk With Me” to the final strains of “Beyond Forever”, you are taken on a magical musical journey by Joe Bongiorno, and during that time your spirit is allowed to explore that secret place which can be found “Somewhere Within”. This is music that is charming and inviting, and you will want to listen to it often! I really enjoyed this album, as it was one of the most pleasant surprises in the solo piano genre this year!”
John Iverson, CKUW – Shades of Classics, Winnepeg

“Pianist Joe Bongiorno’s latest solo release, Mesmerized, easily merits its title. The CD’s 12 instrumental tracks surround the listener with such irresistible, serene melodies that it would be difficult to not fall under the music’s spell. Bongiorno’s carefully nuanced playing is “easy on the ears,” with only momentary flourishes of drama to act as a counterpoint to the overall gentle mood, which flows effortlessly throughout the album’s entirety. From the ethereal minimalism of “Stargazer” to the subtle jazziness of “Midnight Blue” to the peacefulness of the closing track, “Breathless,” Mesmerized is an ideal late-night listen for piano lovers.”
Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer

“Joe’s CD ‘Destined’ indeed qualifies as an album of timeless beauty. From the very first track, Joe seems to effortlessly capture the joys of love, family, and devotion. He has found a delicate balance between romance, purity and innocence that is hard to resist. As I listen, I find myself thinking that if there was music in the Garden of Eden, this well might be it.”
David Nevue, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

“Somewhere Within” is Joe Bongiorno’s third solo piano album to date, and I think it’s by far his best work. All eleven tracks are excellent, drawing from an emotional core, and telling of major life changes, loved ones, and deeply personal reflections. I’ve enjoyed Bongiorno’s previous albums, ‘Destined’ (2004) and ‘At Peace’ (2001), but this is one of my favorite recordings of the year in a year that has produced some really great solo piano CDs. The music on ‘Somewhere Within’ seems to flow from a very natural, honest, and sincere place, making it all the more poignant. All tracks were composed, performed, engineered, and mastered by Joe Bongiorno at his Piano Haven Studio near Seattle, but ‘Somewhere Within’ sounds anything but “homemade” with Bongiorno’s impeccable recording skills and the gorgeous, dynamic sound of his Kawai concert grand piano.” (Read the rest here…)
Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“They don’t get much smoother than this! ‘At Peace’ carries a strong sense of calm and well being, building to a quiet passion that is very lovely.”
Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“Mesmerized is so personal that the notes permeate the depths of the soul, leaving the listener immersed in deep reflection. A musical classic that achieves pure distinction. Highly Recommended!”
Alejandro Clavijo, Reviews New Age