Piano Haven Consult

Wondering how Joe gets the “Piano Haven” sound? Joe has over 20 years experience as an audio engineer and has worked arduously to craft a truly unique, stunningly clear & full, world class piano sound.

This purchase of $95 is for one personal consult (up to 30 mins) with Joe via phone. Joe will discuss any & all of his recording techniques in great detail with no reservations… Microphone selection, placement & technique, gear selection, his software preferences, processing gear, mixing techniques, mastering techniques, piano preparation, critical listening, acoustic treatment & anything else!

please note: This purchase is not a guarantee that you will be able to obtain the same sound. There are many factors & much skill involved in a quality piano recording. Joe uses PC based software and has no knowledge of Mac computers. Joe does not have knowledge of all software DAW systems. He will simply share with you exactly what he does to get the Piano Haven sound. This may involve him emailing you pictures if necessary. This purchase is not refundable. This offer is not available to commercial recording studios.

Joe will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase via email to schedule the consult. You will be sent a very basic agreement (re-stating the above) to sign & return to Joe. The consult is one discussion/conversation of up to 30 minutes… not 3 conversations of 10 minutes. Minutes do not roll over so please be prepared! He can usually schedule your call for the same week. Joe would like the opportunity to help you with your piano recording!
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