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An actual broadcast snapshot

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David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno & Amy Janelle
5/25/13 from Sedonat

Doug Hammer, Gary Girouard & Joe Bongiorno
4/22/13 from Sedonat

Louis Landon, Amy Janelle & Joe Bongiorno
3/23/13 from Sedonat

Greg Starr, Tim Glemser & Joe Bongiorno
2/16/13 from Sedonat

Amy Janelle, Michele McLaughlin & Joe Bongiorno
Christmas Concert 12/22/12 from Sedona


David Lanz, Louis Landon & Joe Bongiorno
8/24/12 from Seattlet

Doug Hammer, Gary Girouard & Joe Bongiorno
6/24/12 from Seattlet

Christine Brown, Michele McLaughlin & Joe Bongiorno
5/19/12 from Seattlet

Greg Maroney, Kendra Springer & Joe Bongiorno
4/15/12 from Seattle

David Nevue with a guest appearance from Joe Bongiorno
3/4/12 from Seattle

Joe Bongiorno, Joe Yamada & David Nevue
3/3/12 from Seattle

Chad Lawson, Louis Landon & Joe Bongiorno
Christmas Concert 12/4/11 from Seattlet

Joe Bongiorno, Joseph Akins & Michael Dulin
10/16/11 from Seattlet

Joe Bongiorno, Louis Landon & Scott D. Davis
8/14/11 from Seattlet

David Lanz, with Gary Stroutsos & Joe Bongiorno
7/17/11 from Seattlet

Joe Bongiorno, Michele McLaughlin & Stanton Lanier
6/5/11 from Seattle

Joe Bongiorno, Greg Maroney & Wayne Gratz
3/27/11 from Seattle

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