Concert Video Payment

Piano Haven Sedona

VIDEO PAYMENT – This payment is non-refundable and is subject to the terms below:

If you choose to hire me to make your video, it will be $75 for a video of just the music. If you want additional renders with either your talking and /or the emcee introduction, it will be $35 for each additional render. Please understand that you will “get what you get”. I will make musical transitions to the best of my ability. It’s far too complicated for me to take specific angle requests from 30 different performers, I just don’t have that kind of time to put into this! The audio will be mastered and sound better than that in the broadcast video. Also, as David stated in the pre-concert emails, these videos are and will remain property of Whisperings and will be branded in the credits with Shigeru Kawai, Piano Haven Studio & Whisperings of course. You may publish this video, but ONLY “as is”… no edits or alterations of any kind are allowed on your end. You also agree to allow Whisperings & Piano Haven to publish on their youtube channels over time

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