Broadcast Details & Tips

This broadcast is now ad-free and functions on nearly every device! We now use Concert Window, the undeniable leader in concert streaming technology. We have tested it on PC, Mac, Android phones & tablets, Iphones & Ipads. Some older phone/tablet devices might have trouble, but we weren’t actually able to find any that didn’t play.

We are now broadcasting with a much improved picture. If you haven’t tuned in for a while, please check it out, you won’t be disappointed in the clear, detailed picture and recording studio quality audio. Many viewers are now enjoying our broadcasts on their big screen HD TVs!

Free Preview! Your first three minutes are free to preview, then the broadcast requires a minimum $1 purchase to watch (you name your ticket price). Please utilize the free preview to make it sure the feed reaches you smoothly. Do not start the free preview until 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, as that’s when we start. We hope you see value in this buck of yours and thank you for your support! You may purchase in advance or any time during the broadcast. You also have the opportunity to “tip” the artists during the show for which you will be acknowledged in the chat box immediately after doing so. If this is your first time viewing, try the $1 admission to make sure it works for you and then tip if you are so inclined.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Concert Window support will be present & watching the chat room. Chime in if you are having difficulty. Our regular viewers are very helpful there as well. If you are unable to watch for any technical reason, contact us before the end of the show and we will issue your refund.

Data Usage – if you are streaming this via cell waves, we recommend you have a 4G connection. We send a 700kb/sec stream. Our stream will use about 500mb per concert so make sure your data plan has room. The concert will run about 75-90 minutes

Troubleshooting – By nature, internet broadcasts can hiccup, pause, freeze momentarily from time to time. If this happens often, start by making sure nobody else is using your internet connection, especially streaming audio or video.
– Your internet connection needs to be rated at a minimum 3mb download speed. We stream a 700kb/sec feed. It’s always ideal to bypass wireless and plug straight into your router/modem. We suggest using Google Chrome which is the fastest browser available.
– If you have no picture – try Updating your flash  on a desktop or laptop. Update your browser app on android/IOS devices.
– You may see a “spinning ball” on your screen when you first tune in. This is buffering. It may last up to 30 seconds. The picture is coming, sit tight!

Again, don’t hesitate to ask for help on the chat box, Concert Window Support & our friends there are quite helpful!