Piano Haven Recording Studio – Sedona, AZ

It’s a contemporary composer’s dream… a gorgeously warm & clear Shigeru Kawai concert grand (just take a listen below)… a relaxed & truly comfortable environment, a seasoned engineer at the helm who happens to be an accomplished pianist/composer.

inspiring red rock backdrop!

The atmosphere is perfect – a cozy haven amidst the breath-taking red rocks of Sedona, AZ. A meticulously maintained 7’7” Shigeru Kawai SK-7L (a very rare handmade collector’s piano)… world class recording & mastering gear… and a patient, experienced engineer who lives & breathes piano music, Shigeru Kawai Artist – Joe Bongiorno. This is not your traditional recording studio. It’s a specialty studio focusing on PIANO & emphasizing a peaceful, relaxed, productive environment.

Take a listen here to some of the latest tracks recorded on our Shigeru SK7L & mastered at Piano Haven:

Mastering Service
We specialize in mastering solo piano & piano based music. Don’t send your music off to a “mass-mastering service”, have it done by someone who KNOWS the instrument and genre inside out. Whether you record at Piano Haven, another studio, or in your home studio, we will get THE MOST out of your recording!

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Testimonials from a few renowned artists:

David Nevue – contemporary

I’ve recorded my last five albums at Piano Haven and I just could NOT be happier. It is simply the best place I know to record solo piano, and I’ve known a few! I recorded my first nine albums in other, “professional” studio environments and I always found them stressful places to be. At your Piano Haven, it’s a totally different story, because the environment is so relaxed and chill. The result is, *I* feel relaxed… and when I feel relaxed, I play better, and that shows up in the recordings. The other thing… you will not find a piano anywhere that is better cared for and maintained. It makes all the difference in the world that Joe Bongiorno, the studio owner, is a solo pianist and recording artist as well. He keeps that Shigeru Kawai piano in pristine condition… and it just sounds gorgeous! If you’re looking for a place to record your next piano project, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check out Piano Haven. It’s well worth the trip… even if you have to fly across the country to do it!

David Nevue, Eugene, OR
– in 2009, David recorded “Revelation” at Piano Haven
– in 2011, David recorded “A Delicate Joy” at Piano Haven
– in 2012 David recorded “Open Sky” at Piano Haven
– in 2014 David recorded “Winding Down” at Piano Haven

Gary Girouard – contemporary
2012 album of the year at Whisperings Solo Piano Radio!!! “I recently recorded my last three albums at Piano Haven Studio…and WOW, what an incredible experience! The piano was immaculate. The environment was comfortable and relaxed (just the way I like it!)… and Joe was a consummate professional who understands the intricacies of a solo piano recording. Joe’s got an incredible ear, understands the equipment ‘inside-out’, and is an absolute joy to work with. If you’re looking to record a piano album, look no further…I HIGHLY recommend Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio! Thanks Joe – you’re the best!”


Gary Girouard, Winner of Whisperings Album of the Year 2012 for “Naked Piano – Light to Dark”, recorded at Piano Haven. Gary also recorded “Naked Piano – Elements” & “Naked Piano – Transitions” at Piano Haven


Chad Lawson – modern classical
There are rooms that record sound, and then there are rooms that capture the soul. Piano Haven Studio is the latter of these two. Hosting a Kawai RX-7 that is unmatched in its touch and sound, one cannot help to be transported into celestial elevations of their craft. The ideal and relaxed setting of the environment with windows overlooking the lush greenery of Washington State, to the genuine hospitality and care of owner Joe Bongiorno, the lack of anything is well, lacking. Embodied by a state of the art recording facility while Bongiorno serves as a well-seasoned engineer, I honestly cannot think of a more inviting, comfortable and professional studio to record solo piano. I feel as if I have found my second home.
I have had the opportunity to record and perform on many pianos throughout the world and I must say the Kawai RX-7 is by far one of the greatest I have ever played. So much so as to tell owner, Bongiorno, of my hopes to take it off his hands whenever the time comes for him to change the scenery of his studio.
For solo piano recordings, there simply are no other options for me…


Chad Lawson,  Whisperings’ Album of the Year nominee in 2011
Chad recorded his nominated release “The Piano” & “A Solo Piano Christmas” at Piano Haven


Mary Lydia Ryan – piano + vocals
Discovering Piano Haven and Joe Bongiorno have been good fortune for me and my music. Having recently completed three albums working with Joe, I have only great things to say about my experience as well as records that I am completely happy with. While on my search for the right piano sound and feel as well as studio ambiance, Piano Haven was right on the mark. Inclusive in the deal was Joe with his talents as engineer, who is a gem. I will be returning to Piano Haven for future recording projects. It is a shame I am not recording a new album every few months simply to bask in the enjoyment of playing on Piano Haven’s Shigeru Kawai while Joe quietly encourages behind the recording console working his magic.


Mary Lydia Ryan, Seattle, WA


Philip Wesley – new age
” I loved recording “Hope Endures” at Piano Haven Studio! Everything was so relaxed and stress free.The piano sound was absolutely amazing! Out of all my experiences with recording studios, this was by far my most productive recording session ever. Joe is a fantastic engineer and easy to work with… from beginning to end, everything went smooth. I highly recommend Piano Haven Studio!”


Philip Wesley, Nashville, TN – an iTunes New Age #1 artist in January 2012


Greg Maroney – classical / new age
” I recorded my album “The Journey” at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Recording Studio and had the best recording experience ever. I have recorded in a lot of other studios, on a lot of other pianos, but never have I felt comfortable and relaxed enough to just let the music flow out my fingers. In two days I had all the takes I needed to bring the album to master. Joe’s piano is simply superb. It has a rich and sparkling tone which allows the melody to be crystal clear, the action is tight and fast and the touch allows for a wide range of dynamics, from very quiet to very loud. The room is excellent, with tall ceilings and nice acoustics.
Joe was a great engineer for the album. His guidance was invaluable, and his personality certainly set me at ease so I was in the right frame of mind for recording. All in all it was a great experience and the music speaks for itself!”


Greg Maroney, York, PA


Louis Landon – jazz artist
Louis Landon’s “Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids” was nominated for 2010 ‘album of the year’ by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio!!!

” I took about a day and a half to record “Solo Piano for Peace” at Joe’s Piano Haven Studio. His piano was perfect and so was the atmosphere and the recording quality. I’m not sure I could have had such a relaxed session in any other studio. To be able to improvise an entire CD required just the right state of mind, and I was able to achieve that at Piano Haven Studio.
After some feedback from Whisperings and my co-producer Eric Tingstad, I flew back for another session because I needed just a few more tunes. Again, the magic struck! I Came up with some really nice music. This is, by far, the best of my three CDs in terms of the music and the recording. I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to getting this music out into the world. If the people who listen to my music feel the feelings I had while making the music, I will be on my way of achieving my mission of creating a peaceful world, one listener at a time. Thank you Joe for making it possible for me to realize my mission in the form of this recording. Your friendship and generosity are greatly appreciated. Love and peace always and everywhere~ “

– Louis has also recorded “Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids”, “A Peaceful Christmas”, “Sedona on My Mind” & ” Healing Piano of Sedona” at Piano Haven


Louis Landon, New York, NY


Christine Brown – new age / classical
  “Promise” (2009), “Wishing Well (2011) & Souvenirs (2014) were all nominated for ‘album of the year’ by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio!!!

Since discovering Piano Haven, I have recorded my last 4 albums there with Joe Bongiorno. My latest release, ”Souvenirs”, was recorded on Joe’s new Shigeru Kawai SK7 and the clear tone and rich piano sound is incredible! Recording on this beautiful instrument made the experience magical. It is always a great experience recording with Joe. A fellow pianist and composer, he is a master at recording solo piano. He is experienced in the studio, with an excellent ear and engineering abilities specific to recording piano. Plus, friendly and professional sessions in a relaxed atmosphere where you feel comfortable and at home, not a cold studio environment. This combination makes it the perfect place to record a piano album. The music flowed naturally and I was very happy with the performances. I have never had this experience at any other recording studio – nor could I ever find a piano that I was satisfied with. In addition, he also masters your CD, making the final product a wonderful experience. Thank you, Joe, for helping me make this CD and all the others something I am very proud of!


Christine Brown, San Diego, CA


Steven Cravis – ambient new age piano
” I recently recorded one of my first full length solo piano CD in many years at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Recording Studio. This is the longest album I’ve ever recorded, exceeding one hour in length. The album is called Healing Piano and is 9 meditative, very mellow, improvised pieces. Joe is a great guy, a great pianist and composer, a great recording engineer, with one of the nicest pianos, a Kawai RX-7, that I’ve ever played. While recording I felt more relaxed than any other recording experience I’ve ever had.

-Immediately upon releasing the album, initially on iTunes, I received positive feedback from fans about the new album and some high ratings and reviews on iTunes. One of the things I’m especially satisfied about regarding this recording at Piano Haven is that we did not need to use ANY compression or EQ at any point in this recording. All original dynamics are retained. If you like the sample recordings and you are a pianist, it’s worth flying from anywhere in the world to record at Joe Bongiorno’s pristine studio.”


Steven Cravis, San Francisco, CA

Recent Notable Projects:

Whisperings Solo Piano Vol I & 2
Each album showcases music from 16 Whisperings artists including David Lanz, Wayne Gratz, David Nevue, Philip Wesley, Michele McLaughlin, Joe Bongiorno & many more! Vol 1  –  Vol 2
Read all about the making of the Whisperings I album right HERE in this interview with Joe & David Nevue by Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano
SoloPianoChristmas.com – Christmas Whisperings Vol 1 & Vol 2
David Nevue (OR) – “Revelation“, “Adoration” “Winding Down“, Open Sky , A Delicate Joy
Philip Wesley (TN) – “Hope Endures” & Heart to Hands
Joe Yamada (WA) – “A Mini Chistmas Album” & Imagination
Chad Lawson (NC) – “The Piano” & Solo Piano Christmas
Louis Landon (NY) – “Solo Piano for Peace” , “For Peace, Love & Mermaids” & A Peaceful Christmas, Sedona on My Mind, & Healing Piano of Sedona
Joe Bongiorno (AZ) – Love’s LightFlight of a Dream, “Into the Wind”, “A Candlelight Christmas” , “Mesmerized” & Somewhere Within
Christine Brown (CA) – “Souvenirs“, “Promise” , Wishing Well , A Classic Christmas
Greg Maroney (PA) – “The Journey”
Gary Girouard (MA) – “The Naked Piano – Transitions”“The Naked Piano III – Light & Dark” & “The Naked Piano – Elements
Matthew Mayer (NE) – “ ART
Joseph Akins (TN) – “Castle Moon
Anne Trenning (NC) – “The Butterfly Waltz
Steven Cravis (CA) – “Healing Piano Music”
Brad Jacobsen (WA) – Pastorale“Road Home” , Deck the Halls , Thirteen Tales , “The Arrow and the Song“, Midnight Clear
Tim Glemser (AZ) – “Painted Echoes” , Boundless , “Spirit of Montana”, Onata Lux
Adam Andrews (CO) –  “Prayers in the Dark”
Rhonda Mackert (WA) – “The Wonder of Christmas”,  “A Wild Beauty” & Safe Harbor
Amy Janelle (WA) – “Shining True” & “A New Direction
Zachary Bruno (AZ) – “Before the Rain” & Dawn’s Light
Shoshana Michel (NY) – “Dancing on the Wind
John Albert Thomas (TN) – “Light Has Come”, “Now I Sleep”
Mary Lydia Ryan (WA) – “Sunshine & Second Chances” , “Where Can I Leave My Heart“, and “Moving in Grace
Cathy Oakes (TN) – “Like a Song” & “To See You Again
Jeremy Yowell (IL) – “Beautiful Shores” & Shepherd’s Glen
Aaron Barber (CA) – “Still Shining
Richard Dillon (WA) – “Ring Around the Moon & Land of Nod”
Marshall Barnhouse (WV) – “Awakened”