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Listen to a mixture of music from all of my CDs in the player to the right. I will be updating this regularly with changes and little surprises like unreleased music, really old stuff my days on the synth, & some additional free downloads… So sit back, relax & enjoy!

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type “pianojoe” into the ‘coupon’ field when checking out for 10% off all orders over $10. This is a lifelong discount, just my way of saying thanks for your support of my music & my dream. Use this code for sheet music, CDs, MP3 downloads, ANYTHING on my site except studio services and concert tickets. Time to go shopping!

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Win an ‘in-home’ concert!
Congrats to the most recent winners: Lynn in Franklin, CO & Barbara in Atlanta, Georgia 
***to make yourself eligible, you MUST send me an email at the address below. Simply ask me to include you in the next drawing, let me know where you live, if you do or do not have a piano in your home (both answers qualify) & acknowledge that you agree to the terms below… really simple stuff:
if you win…
– we will schedule the concert within the next 12 months when I am in your neck of the woods. If you are not available, we’ll try again the next time I’m near you, the offer does not expire unless we schedule & you cancel.
– you agree to invite a bunch of friends and try to fill your living room.
– I play for at least 90 minutes on your freshly tuned piano or my digital piano… only my original material. Sorry, I don’t read music & do not know “Moon River”! I will take any specific requests you have into consideration, but cannot promise to play anything specific. Some songs have fallen out of my perfomance repertoire : )
– I may need help finding a place to crash… if so, you agree to help!
– you allow me to sell my CDs & sheet music to your audience. Much appreciated.

– you agree to put out a tip jar for me & encourage your friends to contribute. Again, much appreciated!
– we agree to have a great time hanging out and getting to know each other! : )

Drop me a note:
My personal email address is joe.bongiorno(at), I’d love to hear from you! Tell me your story, your favorite song, anything… Please put “note from site member” as the email subject. I will reply!

Freebies, lots of ’em!
MP3 of “Stargazer” with flute (unreleased), just click HERE
– this song is unreleased. The solo piano version is on “Mesmerized”. One night, my friend Maxxine Smith came by with her flute & she played her magic to this track, I loved it! Grab a blanket & look to the sky… get lost in the stars!

MP3 of “By Candlelight” (unreleased), just click HERE
– this song is unreleased. Sit back & relax with this one! Grab a warm blanket & a glass of red wine, & wine down with me : )  I wrote this just after releasing the Destined CD, would have been a nice addition to that album, but, oh well!

MP3 of “A Long Goodbye” (unreleased), just click HERE
– this song is unreleased. It was tough one… written in 2006 after the end of a wonderful seven year relationship. You’ll feel the bitter-sweet aspects to this one. There can be beauty in pain : )

PDF sheet music & MP3 to “My Angel’s Wish” (unreleased), just click HERE
– this song is unreleased. I composed it for Mesmerized & just couldn’t find the right spot for it on the CD. I was going to put it on Into the Wind, but that album evolved into something different. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs to play! It was inspired by my daughter Taylor (my angel) & her precious dreams & desires. 

PDF sheet music to “Always with You” from Destined, just click HERE
– this song is a tribute to the many couples for whom I have performed my music at their wedding ceremonies. This song is a favorite, especially as a recessional song (end of ceremony).

MP3 of “Forever More” from Ancient Sky (1996), just click HERE
– one of my first composition for piano. This is the first version of the most popular piece from At Peace. I originally wrote this melody on my synth in 1990, just moments after being told I was going to be a father. This song represents my commitment to fatherhood & family. Tom Henry plays the guitar track. The version available on At peace is the solo piano version.

MP3 of “Her Tender Heart” from Destined, just click HERE
– I wrote this melody on a synthesizer back in 1997. I recorded it to cassette & left it on the windshield of a girl whom I had a crush on. It worked, she fell in love with me! Great memories… I rearranged it for piano in 2002. Later that year, my friend Maxxine Smith, a virtuoso flute player, played along to it & added the magic sparkle. The flute soars like an eagle… I never get tired of hearing it!